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WordPress Mobile

I have probably mentioned previously that I actively maintain 6 WordPress sites and help out periodically on 2 others. One of the sites I maintain is for AITP Region 18. I belong to the local Greater Wheeling Chapter and I make post on a monthly basis for chapter and region wide updates and announcements.

Recently our region president attended one of our local meetings and needed some information that he had sent to me which I posted on the region website. He viewed the site on his smartphone and was pleased that site was mobile  enabled.

I explained to him how this was done on a self hosted WordPress website. He asked if this was an option on a WordPress.com website he had recently created. I did some quick research and found the settings he was looking for.

All of my websites are self hosted and I use WP Touch or the mobile option in Jetpack.

JetPack Mobile


The information that I found for a WordPress.com is under the Appearance settings and then click the Mobile option.

WordPress.com Mobile


My friend was happy with the results of the mobile settings and is having fun exploring WordPress.

I have had good luck using WP Touch and Jetpack mobile settings.

WordPress Release 4.2

I just updated this site to Release 4.2 and have not had any issues  so far.