Presentation Ready? NOT

Well, actually my presentation is ready for WordCamp Columbus but it took me a lot longer than I anticipated.

I have prepared a new presentation for Columbus. At WordCamps Dayton and North Canton I talked about Finding WordPress Help. I think both talks were well received. Since the August 1st ad 2nd event will be the THIRD WordCamp in Ohio this year, I thought that a lot of people who had attended the earlier events would not attend the same presentation.

At the beginning of July I had my presentation “Dealing With A Lockout” completed. Or so I thought. As I started rehearsing, I realized that I was not at all happy with with the results.

So I pretty much trashed what I had and started over and I must say that I am glad that I did.

I did such a good job of refining my presentation that I actually had a lot of extra time to fill. Did I tear it apart again? NOPE! I decided to add some different content and have a two part talk.

So I am really looking forward to WordCamp Columbus and my session which is scheduled for 3:30 PM on Saturday.



I hope to see you there!

 WordPress TV

On a side note, I recently joined the WordPress TV team as a moderator. The ModSquad (as stated by Jerry Bates) moderates the videos from WordCamps around the world and check them for sound and video quality before they are published to the WordPress TV website.

I am having a blast and have meet some great folks during IRC chats.

So many thanks to WordPress TV gang for allowing me this opportunity!


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